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Elite Dangerous update brings a new starter experience and currency

Published: 13:13, 18 September 2019
Frontier Developments
Elite Dangerous spacecraft
Elite Dangerous spacecraft

Frontier Developments have dropped a new major update for Elite Dangerous. It contains a new starter experience, in-game currency and more customisations for everyone's vessels.

Elite Dangerous September Update is now live. The developers have announced the new starter experience a while ago and now it's finally here. This should make it easier for newcomers to pick up Elite Dangerous instead of just being thrown in without much grasp on the game's mechanics, which could potentially turn them away before giving the space sim a proper chance.

Players will now be under the tutelage of Pilots Federation instructor Theo Acosta who will provide a fully-voiced introduction experience before pilots are left to their own devices. The training will take players through the basics of space flight, scanning and combat. There are several areas players will be specifically instructed in:

  • Basic flight controls and scanning
  • Supercruise and navigation
  • Combat exercise around a megaship
  • First Hyperspace jump
  • Docking at a starport

All of the new content will be fully voiced in all the supported languages and will be added on top of the existing training simulations. Following the tutorial, players will get access to the new starter ship, the Sidewinder.

There is also the new ARX currency that can be used for acquiring paint jobs, ship kits, bobbleheads and more goodies. Unfortunately, this will completely replace the previous exact microtransaction system where players were able to purchase in-game items without buying too much currency. 

Frontier Developments Picture of a ship in space mining an asteroid in Elite Dangerous Elite Dangerous

They need to purchase ARX in order to get the in-game items which is a gateway to selling packs of more currency or just slightly less than needed in order to prompt further microtransactions. You can see the on the provided link. On the bright side, players will be able to earn ARX through in-game activities.

One of the ways to spend the new currency is Livery. With the changes from the September update, players will be able to preview the customisation options directly through the shop and the UI should prove to be much more accessible. You can read the full notes on the official .

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