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Elite: Dangerous, The World Next Door free on Epic, MudRunner is next

Published: 21:28, 19 November 2020
Focus Home Interactive
MudRunner vehicles racing
MudRunner, it doesn't get off-roader than this!

It's time for Epic Games Store's weekly freebie rotation, and this week we've got two games - Elite: Dangerous and The World Next Door. Next week's free game is MudRunner.

Fans of space flight and trading sims games should be more than just familiar with Elite: Dangerous, what with it being one of the most renowned as well as oldest franchises around. Yes, we're talking about the dark, distant times when phones were as mobile as the length of their cord. 

Of course, Elite: Dangerous is much younger, as Frontier Developments finally decided to follow up on their 1995 release Frontier: First Encounters. And follow up they did, releasing the long-overdue instalment in late 2014 to great critical reception.

Much like its predecessors, Elite: Dangerous has players starting off with a ship and some change to get you started. Which hopefully multiplies fast, thanks to various activities ranging from mining to assassinations, all set in an open galaxy. 

On the more youngster-friendly side is The World Next Door, Rose City Games' visual novel slash puzzler. The story follows a teenager Jun, whose winning ticket transports her to a parallel universe called Emrys, hence the name. 

You'd do well to weather the initial puzzles from The World Next Door, which have been described as a bit too simplistic, as the game eventually develops into an interesting experience. 

Frontier Developments Elite: Dangerous Elite: Dangerous

Next week's freebie has been revealed to be MudRunner, an "ultimate off-road experience" by Saber Interactive and Focus Home Entertainment. Guided by only a map and compass, players get to test their mettle with 19 different off-road monsters, traversing vast and extreme Siberian landscapes. Oh, and don't forget to use the winch. 

Gallery of promotional pictures for Elite: Dangerous by Frontier

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Elite: Dangerous - Krait

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