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Elite: Dangerous streamer found an inhabited Generation Ship

Published: 15:30, 06 November 2019
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Elite: Dangerous

Malic_VR, an Elite: Dangerous streamer, decided to follow a cryptic space news piece that eventually led him to Golconda, so far the only inhabited Generation Ship that wants help but no interaction otherwise.

Elite: Dangerous features a fictional news outlet, called Galnet News. One recent article mentioned an apology from Rockforth Corporation after they let a super virus on a rampage. The other bit of news on the post focused on specialised agronomic treatment that would be stocked across various systems. One of the ways to determine which areas needed the treatment was data collected from International Association of Agriculture (IAA) ships and one contained an anomalous call of supplies in Upaniklis system.

Malic_VR decided to check the system out and - a Generation Ship. All the previous Generation Ships encountered in Dangerous: Elite have been glorified graveyards for the most part while a few vessels were abandoned by the crew, willingly or otherwise. To Malic's surprise, this was not the case with Golconda.

This revelation became apparent upon inspecting the farming biome of Golconda that possessed crops in good condition as well as upon listening to the voice logs by the ship crew. According to the voice logs, the crew was still intact and was a fully functioning society, despite not stopping at their target world many years ago. They are in trouble, however, and their captain's call for help was actually the "anomaly" IAA ships picked up.

Normally, it wouldn't be hard to find the supplies they were after but the trick is that the people aboard Golconda don't wish to communicate with other humans, in order to preserve the culture they developed over the last millennium.

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Elite: Dangerous - Krait

Malic speculated this will turn into the next where players across the world will be asked to pool their resources in order to save the population of Golconda. It appears that the 16th Generation Ship may have hope of survival yet.

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