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Elite: Dangerous - drifting to PlayStation 4 in 2017

Published: 15:13, 08 December 2016
Updated: 16:15, 08 December 2016
Elite: Dangerous - PS4 awaits

Elite: Dangerous coming to PlayStation 4 - Tailored to utilise DualShock4

Elite: Dangerous had a decent run so far on PC and xBox One. PlayStation 4 owners can join the free-form exploration, combat, trading and survival experience in 2017.

just announced the PlayStation4 version, and release will most likely closely follow the expiration of their timed exclusive deal for the xBox One. The adaptation will aim to utilise most of the unique options the DualShock4 controller has to offer, such as touch aided galaxy map navigation, additional button mapping options and motion sensitive headlook controls.

Elite: Dangerous - Cockpit Elite: Dangerous - Cockpit

While the announcement states that PlayStation 4 Pro owners will benefit from enhanced performance, any mention of PlayStation VR compatibility was absent. Somewhat strange, considering that Elite: Dangerous boasts HTC Vive, Steam VR Oculus Rift options.


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