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Elite Dangerous Next Era update release moved to 2021

Published: 06:14, 03 May 2020
Frontier Developments
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Elite Dangerous

Frontier Developments recently addressed Elite Dangerous players with news of a delay for the anticipated update, Next Era, which was caused by issues stemming from Covid-19 pandemic.

Consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic are becoming visible in Elite Dangerous as Frontier developments announced they will be moving Next Era update into the next year. The reason for this is that the development is being weighed down by Covid-19 problems. 

That said, the delay isn't a massive one if we are being fair. It was originally anticipated to drop at some point in December 2020, which was already the end of the current year. It is now being moved to early 2021 according to the forum post.

Other than that, Frontier seem to be on track with delivering new content as the fleet carrier beta proceeded as planned on PC. This is only the first part of beta testing though and the second part is also on track, due at some point in May 2020.

The second part is not going to be exclusive to PC and console players will get to try out the new feature. Bear in mind that there were some pricing issues initially but they have been patched . In other words, console players will get the content with revised pricing from the get-go. 

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Elite: Dangerous - Krait

Even though the upkeep costs have been largely reduced, fleet carriers are still expensive things to have so if you are not one of the rich players, it may still be out of your grasp.

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