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Elite Dangerous fleet carriers are getting a price reduction

Published: 08:57, 16 April 2020
Frontier Developments
Elite Dangerous spacecraft
Elite Dangerous spacecraft

Frontier Developments added the long-awaited fleet carriers to Elite Dangerous beta testing but the initial costs of purchasing and running one soon meant major changes needed to be made. On 15 April 2020, such changes were officially confirmed.

Fleet carriers in Elite: Dangerous were a long-touted and long-awaited feature, with the community hyped about being able to create their own mobile hubs of commerce and as the name suggests - carriers of multiple ships. However, the hype came to a screeching halt when the players saw how much it would cost to own one.

Namely, a fleet carrier would set a player five billion credits upfront, with many services and base costs taking away a small fortune each week. If a player was not able to keep up with the costs, they could lose the carrier permanently, rendering all the money invested thus far as worthless as a compact disc for Nintendo Switch.

Frontier seem to have heard the players' pleas and decided to drastically cut the recurring costs of running a fleet carrier. The keep cost for all additional services will be reduced by a large margin, from 80 to 90 per cent while core running costs will be slashed by 50 per cent.

Furthermore, the total upfront activation cost of some of the more expensive services will go down by 35 to 45 per cent while Universal Cartographics will become an optional service where the split will be 50/50 between the carrier's bank and the service, with the owners being able to take advantage of highly reduced costs.

Frontier Developments Picture of a ship in space mining an asteroid in Elite Dangerous Elite Dangerous

On top of that, players will now have up to 10 weeks to pay the debt of running a carrier back before repo men come along and take their organs, err, fleet carriers. This threshold was previously at four weeks.

You can check out the full announcement and discussion on Elite Dangerous forums.

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