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Elite: Dangerous Fleet Carriers coming in December update

Published: 10:20, 08 July 2019
Frontier Developments
Picture of a ship inside a hangar in Elite Dangerous
Elite Dangerous

Frontier Developments took their opportunity at Lavecon to announce the content coming in the near future for Elite: Dangerous. The announcement covered content up until December 2019 including a new starting experience and Fleet Carriers.

Frontier Developments announced two major updates for Elite: Dangerous, named after the months they will be released in - September Update and December Update.

The September update will bring the "In Ship" starter experience where players will get a leased Sidewinder. They will be tutored by voiced instructors that will be fully localised for all supported languages.

In Ship tutorial will take players over the basic flight controls and scanning, supercruise and navigation, a combat exercise around a megaship and completing the first Hyperspace Jump along with docking at a starport.

This tutorial will not be reserved for new players only as the veteran commanders can choose to experience it via Training Section.

The September Update will bring some changes to in-game monetisation as well. Arx will be the new virtual currency that will be present across all platforms, including PC where players used to purchase cosmetics directly with real life currency.

While the change will bring an option to earn the currency, and by extension the cosmetics, through gameplay, it will also obfuscate the amount of in-game spending via microtransactions. This is not a new underhanded tactic though, it has been present in gaming for a long while now - just about every in-game store has its own currency that tends to chip away slightly more cash than necessary.

The last bit of news is probably the most exciting though. Fleet Carriers are massive ships that will allow you to park your own ship inside them.

Frontier Developments Picture of a Krai ship in a hanger from Elite: Dangerous Elite: Dangerous - Krait

This addition is reserved for the December update though, so Commanders will have to wait just under half a year for the space cabs. Frontier did they will offer more information on both the September Update and Fleet Carriers in near future though. You can either follow the feedback through their social media and forums or just wait for the news to pop up on news websites.

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Elite: Dangerous - Krait

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