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Elite Dangerous fleet carriers arrive in early April 2020 through beta

Published: 19:00, 02 April 2020
Frontier Developments
Elite Dangerous spacecraft
Elite Dangerous spacecraft

Fleet carriers are a long-expected addition to Elite Dangerous and the players will finally be able to get their hands on one on 7 April 2020. This is through beta testing though, with the actual launch being later this year.

Elite Dangerous fleet carrier beta will be split in two parts. Beta 1 will start on 7 April 2020 but only for PC. Beta 2 will start at some point in May 2020 for both PC and consoles. The full launch on all platforms will happen in June 2020 so it's good news all around if you are on PC but console players will need some patience before trying out the new feature.

Here are a few key facts before any of those dates come along:

  • A base model fleet carrier costs 5,000,000,000 credits and includes Commodity Market and Tritium Depot
  • Each carrier is individually owned and a player can have only one at a time
  • The owner can manage docking permissions
  • Each carrier has 16 landing pads of which eight are large, four medium and four small
  • Fleet carriers don't have loadouts but Optional Services can be chosen by the owner
  • Carriers will have the ability to jump 500 light-years 
    • will require Tritium as fuel commodity in order to gain this ability

Maintenance of the fleet carriers will incur a weekly cost and each new service added to the carrier will contribute to this cost. This will be risky business because if the owner can't keep up with the weekly costs, they will incur debts. If they can't pay up, their fleet carrier will be at risk of getting decommissioned.

Frontier noted there are specific ways to run services on fleet carriers that can help mitigate the weekly costs. Minimising services will also help with this.

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