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Elite Dangerous Chapter Two release date has been announced

Published: 09:55, 01 June 2018
Frontier Developments
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Elite Dangerous

Frontier Developments have anounced that Chapter Two of the Beyond series will be released on 28 June 2018. The update will not incur additional cost and it will bring a new ship, wing missions, installation interactions and more Thargoids.

Chapter Two will be the first of the two smaller instalments that are coming to Elite Dangerous as parts of the Beyond series of updates. Frontier Developments have also confirmed that this is the smaller update, as the larger one is coming during Q4 2018 which will bring squadrons, improvements to mining and exploration and more changes which are currently undisclosed.

Focusing on the current features, Frontier have described the new ship, Challenger, as a frontline combat vessel that has stronger armour than the Chieftain and will serve well as a punching bag due to being able to "soak up a significant amount of punishment". The variation Challenger may or may not have brought was certainly not well received by fans, since visually it appears to be a .

Wing Missions were first introduced in Chapter One and Frontier are expanding this feature with Chapter Two by adding Wing Mining Missions. Something similar is happening with interactions, since Chapter One introduced Megaship interactions and Chapter Two is going to allow players to scan and interact with Space installations.

Scanning an installation will let players see what they can interact with. This can provide them with ability to disable turrets and deactivate security measures for communication arrays and cargo bays. Interacting with comms array will award players withtradable data from the comms array while unlocking cargo bays will let players steal commodities and materials.

Tech Brokers will now let players unlock large weapon versions of the previously available guardian tech weapons. These brokers will issue blueprint requests to collect Guardian data and materials and will unlock Guardian modules of weapons for purchase upon delivery. 

Frontier Developments Screenshot from Elite Dangerous teaser video showing three flying flowers in space Elite Dangerous - Scouts?

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