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Elite: Dangerous is launching on PlayStation 4 today

Published: 16:07, 27 June 2017
Picture of a space ship in a hangar
Elite: Dangerous

Three years after its PC launch, Elite: Dangerous is now available for PlayStation 4. You can now survive, explore, trade, and dogfight - solo or alongside other players in a president hard sci-fi universe with special options for the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Elite: Dangerous has now arrived on the PlayStation 4. Next to the game's already impressive variety of available features, the PlayStation 4 version will allow for additional controller customisation for the DualShock 4 and its touch pad.

Frontier Picture of some space in Elite: Dangerous Elite: Dangerous

PlayStation 4 Pro owners will be given the option to choose between a quality or performance option. Choosing the quality option will make Elite's universe a lot prettier, while performance will grant higher framerates - a nice touch.

Frontier Developments have recently put a lot of effort into expanding the game's content with added options, and seem to be steering the story more and more toward and all the intrigue that could arise from those encounters.

Frontier Elite: Dangerous Elite: Dangerous

Currently, the developers maintain that player actions will further dictate the developing story. Players across all platforms are essentially playing the same content, but the servers never touch, and neither do the players. So who gets to decide what direction the story takes? Will it unfold differently across different platforms?

The odds of having different narratives on different platforms are microscopic at this point, but one can dream.

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