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Elite Dangerous is purging bugs in big January update

Published: 13:10, 21 November 2019
Updated: 13:17, 21 November 2019
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Elite: Dangerous

Frontier Developments have announced a big January 2020 update for their space sim Elite Dangerous. The update will be exclusively focused on addressing recent and longstanding issues and bugs.

As previously announced, Frontier Developments are working on a huge Elite Dangerous update that should arrive sometime in late January 2020. The biggest focus is on squishing stability bugs and longstanding issues. The issues that will be fixed in the first phase are those that cause disconnects, softlocks and crashes. 

The team have also put content updates on hold until they purge the game from the annoying gremlins, which are present in Elite Dangerous for years. Before the update officially arrives, the devs will host a public beta to test the new changes. The first beta test will run on PC from 27 November to 02 December 2019. This may seem short to many players but it's still better than not having a beta at all. Frontier also say that future betas will be expanded to console players as well but more details about this will be shared in the near future.

Here are the highlights from the upcoming update:

  • Repairing Thargoid-attacked stations: not all delivery numbers counted 
    • A fix that will correctly account for all deliveries for starports that have been attacked by Thargoids will be implemented.
  • High-resolution screenshots create tiling artefacts in bright objects
    • A fix that should prevent tiling artefacts in bright objects when taking a high-resolution screenshot will be implemented.
  • Galaxy Map won't select systems I search for
    • A fix that should allow you to select a searched system on the Galaxy Map is included.
  • Keyboard stops working within the game
    • A fix for this issue to ensure keyboards work in-game as intended is included.
  • SLF female NPC crew member has no audio and no text in the comms
    • A fix for this issue is included.

Frontier Picture of some space in Elite: Dangerous Elite: Dangerous

You can take a look at the for more details on everything Frontier hope to fix with this patch.

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