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Elder Scrolls Online winter event starts, offers unique rewards

Published: 15:41, 22 December 2021
Elder Scrolls Online winter festivities
Elder Scrolls Online winter festivities

Elder Scrolls Online has kicked off its winter festivities and there are quite a few rewards to be snatched before the event goes away.

ESO players are in for a few winter festivities that started on December 21, 2021, and they will be present for about two weeks. They will wrap up on January 4, 2022.

Those who partake in the celebration can look forward to rewards unique to the New Life Festival as well as a bonus to XP gains. To get started, visit the tent slightly south of Windhelm and hope a random jarl doesn't pop up, shout you to death and start a rebellion. 

Players can acquire event-related quests at the tent which leads to the process of obtaining the goodies. In order to complete the quests, players will journey all over Tamriel and spread the festive spirit by doing relaxing things like tossing mud balls in Auridon or picking locks in Reaper's March.

The rewards are dished out through the Gift Boxes that contain styles, mementos, fragments of Powderwhite Coney, pages for Snow Bear Winter Wear armour style and a few other bits and pieces of loot.

Additionally, you can craft a few writs if you want to make someone's day but the details will be revealed as you join in the festivities, rather than through watching a trailer. You can, however, check the community guides, like the one in the video below.

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