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Elden Ring character creation leaks, showcases major improvements

Published: 01:21, 10 January 2022
From Software
Elden Ring world looks stunning
Elden Ring world looks stunning

Souls games have traditionally had a limited character creation feature but Elden Ring seems to be ready to turn that world upside down.

Souls games are famous for a variety of qualities - difficulty, clean gameplay mechanics and ambience to name a few, but one thing they could never really boast about is the character creation. 

From Software folks seem to be well aware of this and they are going to introduce huge upgrades with Elden Ring , whose character creation leaked recently. The video you can see below shows what you can do with the looks of your character but also the better fidelity, which wasn't a strong point of previous Soulsborne titles. Technically, Sekiro looked great but that character was preset.

Anyway, besides changing the character's facial presets, Elden Ring offers a variety of other options such as the character's physical build to an extent, as well as customisation for the colour of their skin.

Perhaps most importantly, Elden Ring has sliders that allow fine-tuning of a character's facial features, which unfortunately went in a horribly wrong way in the showcase below. It's currently unclear whether the possibility to create caricatures will be there at launch since the video is a leak and not official info, but it would be fun to see green protagonists worthy of being called Shrek's worst nightmares.

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