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Warhammer Chaosbane action RPG has been announced by Eko Software

Published: 14:44, 02 June 2018
Eko Software
Thunder and lightning are striking inside a closed off building in Warhammer Chaosborn
Warhammer: Chaosbane

Warhammer fantasy is all over the place these days and Eko Software are taking their turn with it. They have announced Warhammer Chaosborn on their Twitter, with the two screenshots serving as a glimpse into the game's dark setting.

Other than the two screenshots they posted, Eko Software offered little in the way of information about the game. They did note that Warhammer: Chaosbane will be set in the Old World part of the Warhammer Fantasy, which pretty much means everything west of Worlds Edge Mountains.

That said, geography may not be the primary concern for an action RPG since players will be more interested in the types of enemies they will get to obliterate as well as the conditions they will be obliterating them in. Speculating based on the game's name and a few details from the screenshots, we will mostly be facing mutated monstrosities from the Realm of Chaos and likely Chaos cultists and worshippers that normally spend days among humans and elves.

Speaking of which, the game's publishers Bigben Games, have confirmed that players will be able to choose between different races such as humans, high elves, wood elves or dwarves while fighting the minions of the Chaos pantheon. 

Locations that the players visiting will include the former Empire capital Nuln and a northern city named Praag. The latter has a rich history of mutation and insanity, which made it . This hint is all but a confirmation of Nurgle's presence in these lands.

Both screenshots are ornamented with chaos growths, and the title picture above features a high elf mage fighting off a horde of demonic version of cannon fodder. Meanwhile, on the screenshot bellow, you will find a human armed with a sword and shield fighting the , who are known as Khorne's Chosen.

Eko Software Some player is about to obliterate just about every living thing on a map Warhammer: Chaosbane

There is currently no ETA on the game and all other info is being kept in secret, but Bigben did hint they will provide more info during E3 2018. 

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