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Prey is now free to keep at the Epic Games Store

Published: 16:25, 25 December 2021
Epic Games
Prey is now free on the Epic Games Store
Prey is now free on the Epic Games Store

Players can now claim Arkane Studios' FPS title Prey for free over at the Epic Games Store. The game will be available until December 26 at 17:00.

Arkane Studios' 2017 offering Prey is now available for free at the Epic Games Store. Prey takes over for yesterday's freebie, Pathfinder: Kingmaker and will give up its spot tomorrow, December 26, 2021, at 17:00 to an as of yet unknown title that, Epic assures us, will blow our stockings clean off.

Prey was released back in 2017 to generally favourable reviews but somewhat failed to capture the hearts of gamers at the time. The game's story follows a protagonist named Morgan Yu who can be played both as a male and a female. Morgan is stuck on Talos I, a space station that has been overrun by aliens. Morgan's day gets that much more awful as they find out the alien species on the loose in the station is none other than Typhon - a race of shapeshifters out to give you a hard time continuing to breathe.

Bethesda Promotional picture for Prey showing a human in red space suit going up against a shadowy creature. Prey

On top of choosing Morgan's gender, players can also assign different attributes to their character. Morgan also gets access to a bunch of different weapons, the most famous and well-liked of all being the Gloo Cannon - a weapon that can help you make platforms and reach the nooks and crannies of Talos I that would remain inaccessible in normal conditions.

Claim Prey for free now at the Epic Games Store. Offer valid until December 26, 2021, at 17:00.

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