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Egress is adding five more characters in an upcoming update

Published: 22:24, 30 April 2019
Picture of the Gunsmith from Egress
Egress - Gunsmith

Fazan Games are adding five new characters to Egress to complement the recent update that finally added the battle royale mode. On the other hand, it is unknown if the mode will ever kick off due to Egress' issues with maintaining players.

Egress will get five new characters soon that range from wonky to super serious. As an example of a wonky one, we have the Lizard is a humanoid creature that is apparently a result of the Order's experiments with ancient artefacts but it still has a mind of its own.

Elly is not that weird herself as she is just a girl with a darkened persona that is a result of a tragedy where she lost her parents at a young age. However, her racoon companion is definitely not something we see regularly and it remains to be seen how her furry friend will fit in.

Cultists are your regular run of the mill cannon fodder. They are apparently trying to awaken some ancient deity. It's like the background and inspiration for the cultists was picked up from a Cliche Villain Handbook for Dummies.

Gunsmith Kate, who you can see on the picture above is one of the more serious characters that are being added to Egress though. She is the only daughter of a famous gunsmith who likely passed his knowledge onto her since the talented girl made a multi-barrelled gun for herself.

The City Guard Chief is apparently a grumpy old warrior who was wounded in battle at some point and given a rather boring post instead of an opportunity to seek glory.

Fazan Picture of the Guardian in Egress the upcoming game by Fazan Egress

All of the new additions could certainly freshen up the game but it is still struggling with the player count even though Egress is still in Early Access. It has only managed to get 15 players online at the same time so far which begs the question whether it will ever manage to get enough people in for a battle royale match and whether it will manage to get away from the Dead on Arrival stamp it's currently bearing.





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