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NARAKA: BLADEPOINT beta kicks off with a revamped Morus Island

Published: 14:41, 23 April 2021
24 Entertainment

Players can now sign up for NARAKA: BLADEPOINT's Forerunner Beta. The 60-player battle royale game's beta will take place on Morus Island that now features a bunch of new interactive elements.

24 Entertainment just announced that they are officially launching NARAKA: BLADEPOINT's Forerunner Beta today. The server will open its doors at 18:00 GMT. Players can enjoy the beta until Monday, April 26 18:00 UTC.

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is a 60-player battle royale game that features an "Unchained Multiplayer Combat" system. Verticality, manoeuvrability and close-quarters combat make up the NARAKA: BLADEPOINT experience. 

Players can utilise a vast range of melee and ranged weapons. These, combined with a grappling hook, parkour skills and unique character abilities will offer each player a chance to create their own play-style. 

Full facial customisation options are a new addition to NARAKA: BLADEPOINT. Players will be able to fully customise their characters' faces to their liking. The in-depth customisation options will give the fans the option to create whichever face tickles their personal fancy.

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT's Morus Island has undergone some landscaping work in preparation for the Forerunner Beta. The place has been enriched with even more interactive elements among which are: poisonous mushrooms, a rideable ballista and shrubbery that players can stealth their way through.

The best way to enjoy the new features Morus Island has to offer is by activating Nvidia DLSS and Nvidia Reflex options.

Player's can sign-up for the beta at NARAKA: BLADEPOINT's Official Steam Page .

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