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Australian retailer site has leaked Darksiders 3's release date

Published: 15:12, 02 April 2018
THQ Nordic
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Darksiders 3

Darksiders 3 is heading for the stores on 8 August 2018, according to a leak from EB Games' store. THQ Nordic haven't confirmed it yet, but the game's store page was quickly restored to a previous state, which hints at some legitimacy.

Australian video game and entertainment retailer EB Games has accidentally revealed the release date for Darksiders 3 as 08 August 2018. THQ Nordic haven't officially confirmed this info but it is expected that they will come out of the closet soon enough. The cat is already out of the bag, so there is no point in attempting to deny it.

Considering this was a leak for an Australian release date, it may not be correct release date for the rest of the world but the time window is largely narrowed nonetheless. The page was quickly restored to show only the placeholder ''TBC 2018''. This is the internet though, and it's only natural that someone took a screenshot before EB Games had the chance to revert the page to its original form.

EB Games Screenshot from EB Games' store page showing the leaked Darksiders 3 release date. Darksiders 3 release date leaked

The price was also revealed, as seen on the screenshot above, standing at $59,99. The currency are Australian Dollars, so the price would probably look something like £32,76 for UK or $46,09 for US. These prices will obviously be streamlined and will not look like this in the future but it hints that the game will not be a fully priced AAA product. Let's not get carried away though.

Going back to the store, the placeholder price is 99,95$ which translates to ~£54,5 or ~$76,8 which is above the regular AAA price, but then again it is just in place so the price card isn't empty.

THQ Nordic The horseman fury stands in front of blue eggs Darksiders 3's protagonist Fury

There have been no additional trailers or info regarding Darksiders 3 in 2018 which also means more media should be on its way. I wouldn't hold my breath for more info during EGX Rezzed though. While THQ Nordic will be participating, they haven't announced Darksiders 3 in their lineup.

There is also some speculation that the game could be moved a few days, since 8 August 2018 will be a Wednesday and games normally release on Tuesdays and Fridays. This is pure speculation though, as Wednesday releases are not unheard of either.

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