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Super Mario Run updated to feature the Easy Mode

Published: 15:31, 01 February 2017
Super Mario Run

With the new update to the Super Mario Run app comes the Easy Mode option

Designed to help players struggling to complete the game's World Tour mode, or to be used as a tool for exploring levels and find Black and Purple coins. The coins collected using this mode will not be saved as this is for practise only. The mode also gives infinite bubbles.

Toad Rally has also been tweaked so fewer Toads leave the player after a loss.

Super Mario Run Super Mario Run

The Gold Goombas event is currently underway, and runs until 20 February. The event features hidden golden Goombas within levels. When Goombas are found, players can stomp them and win a stamp. Thirty stamps equals a full stamp card which unlocks a unique building for the kingdom.

Super Mario Run has now been downloaded 78 million times. About five percent or four million people have paid the one time fee required to unlock the full game.

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