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Injustice 2's December update expands the game's roster

Published: 16:02, 29 November 2017
Updated: 15:28, 24 September 2018
NetherRealm Studios
Injustice 2

NetherRealm Studios have released the patch notes for Injustice 2's December Update. The update will add some multiverse portals, two new locations and tweak some fighters. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Atom and The Enchantress

Injustice 2's December update is rolling out today. The patch will be taking care of a total of 13 fighters, adding two new locations as well as Legendary Multiverse Portals for The Joker, Gorilla Grodd, Superman and Green Lantern.

A couple of stages have been rid of their bugs. Hellboy, Captain Cold, Superman and Sub-Zero are being tweaked as well.

Here are some the patch notes, grab the popcorn:

General Gameplay fixes

  • General stability and Online stability improvements
  • Move list corrections and improvements to AI logic
  • Legendary Multiverse Portals are now available for Gorilla Grodd, Green Lantern, Joker, & Superman

NetherRealm Studios Injustice 2 Injustice 2

Stage Specific Fixes

  • Atlantis - Fixed a bug where someone slamming a statue while the other player jumped off it with specific timing could cause it to be able to slammed again after being destroyed
  • Batcave - Fixed bug where the camera could lose focus on the characters after remaining idle for an extended period of time

The complete patch notes can be found .

In other Injustice 2 news, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Atom and The Enchantress have been announced and will be joining the fight soon. Both the Turtles and Hellboy have their own comic book series at rival publishers, which makes their addition all the more scandalous

NetherRealm Studios Injustice 2 Injustice 2

2017 has been kind to comic book properties that have decided to try their luck in video games. Telltale's season two of Batman and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy are both doing well. It looks like Atom will hit Injustice 2 first, on 12 December.

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