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Each Hitman 3 weapon has authentic haptic feedback on PS5's DualSense controller

Published: 16:21, 08 December 2020
Updated: 16:31, 08 December 2020
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Hitman 3, Dubai level
Hitman 3, Dubai

IO Interactive have some great news for PlayStation 5 owners - playing Hitman 3 with DualSense controllers should be a blast thanks to well-implemented haptic feedback.

And indeed, with the launch slated for January 2021, IO Interactive are perfectly positioned to be the first ones to implement a truly immersive haptic feedback in Hitman 3.

Now, yours truly has been obsessing over this, and I'm fairly certain that once someone does it right - there will be no going back to PlayStation 4's lowly controllers. 

"All of the guns in the game will support adaptive triggers and you’ll feel an authentic sensation with each shot you fire. Automatic weapons also simulate recoil with every bullet and we’re implementing unique haptic feedback for each weapon that is tied to the distinct sound profile of each weapon", the dev wrote. 

IO Interactive confirmed that Hitman 3 supports 60 FPS, HDR and faster load times, and if you happen to buy a PlayStation 4 version - you can upgrade your Agent 47 to PlayStation 5 free of charge. 

Hitman 3 will also have full PS VR support, which should especially be a blast in the Dubai-like level. Moreover, if you own the earlier two instalments, you can access those locations as well, which means more than 20 locations to visit. 

IO Interactive Hitman 3 location Chongqing Hitman 3, Chongqing

IO Interactive really went all out with PS5's controller, and they even threw in a new way of activating the Focus effect via adaptive triggers. 

"When you gently squeeze the R2 button, your finger will reach a tension point that will resist your pressure, and you’ll need to hold your finger against that tension point to activate the focus. When you’re ready to fire, push past that tension point and you’ll feel the “click” of the trigger as you fire the weapon. Boom. Headshot", they wrote. 

You can find the full post on the PlayStation Blog

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