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EA claims they disclosed FIFA 19 Ultimate Team packs voluntarily

Published: 16:54, 29 August 2018
Screenshot of a stadium in EA Sports' football game FIFA 19

Speaking at this year's Gamescom, FIFA 19's associate producer Sam Rivera and creative director Matt Prior said that they've disclosed the odds for FIFA 19's Ultimate Team packs voluntarily, not because of Belgian laws or Battlefront 2.

"It was something we did voluntarily, and it's not something unique to FIFA, it's something we're doing for all games, just to show people what can be done with their points in the game", Prior said. You'd be excused for thinking this is Richard Pryor, the comedian, because I sure did when I read this.

Rivera added that it's a matter of transparency and that they're working hard to provide FIFA 19 with "articles that explain all the mechanics", as well as player attributes and how they work together. Apparently, this is because people have been asking for it, not because of laws.

EA Sports' vice president Daryl Holt said about the same thing back in July 2018, although by then, and Belgian legal initiatives aimed against the predatory gambling aspects of loot boxes were in full swing. And yes, this included disclosing the odds of winning various items, which Rivera and Prior now tout as independent decisions.

Moreover, saying that Star Wars Battlefront 2 had nothing to do with it is seriously stretching it, since EA has been living down the consequences of that fiasco ever since. Ironically enough, EA's removal of loot boxes meant that Belgian judiciary let EA for Star Wars Battlefront 2, while FIFA 18 had to adapt to new rules.

To make matters even more peculiar, for the lack of a better word, neither Prior nor Rivera are aware of 's recent tweets, where they asked EA to finally change their hair styles, which have changed significantly from when they saw them in action. Prior laughed it off and said that they'll "have words with the guys back home when [they] get back."

EA Sports Christiano Ronaldo cover art for FIFA 19, which will be changed soon FIFA 19

We're sure Konami won't mind the cluelessness of EA's big wigs but it does make you wonder why the executive producer of FIFA isn't in tune with players from England's and the Ivory Coast's national team.

You can find the interview in question .

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