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EA didn't delay Anthem, it was just moved to a "quieter quarter"

Published: 10:07, 01 February 2018
Anthem logo overlaid across three freelancers in their exosuits

EA recently denied the rumours that Anthem was being delayed into 2019. The company then went and simply moved Anthem's release date because they didn't want it to clash with an upcoming Battlefield game. Bioware is still working of another Dragon Age title.

EA has recently confirmed that Anthem has been delayed into 2019. The company has also denied Kotaku's claims that the "delay" was the result of development issues. Instead, they said they chose to move 's release date into a "quieter quarter" so as to avoid their new IP game having to share the spotlight with .

BioWare Three characters from Anthem facing the camera Anthem

Andrew Wilson, the Electronic Arts chief executive, repeated that the decision to move Anthem to a later date was a scheduling matter during a call with investors:

"Regardless of how it’s being portrayed, we’re not looking at that as a delay, we’ve chosen to launch Anthem in [the fourth quarter]. The date is chosen by portfolio balance, not product readiness," Wilson said. "And we’re really excited by the way the new Battlefield is shaping up. It probably doesn’t make too much sense to launch Anthem right by it. As a new IP, it probably makes sense to give [Anthem] its own launch window."

Wilson said EA DICE is working on the next Battlefield game, but got pretty stingy when it came to other details. "It's not a delay" said EA's finance chief Blake Jorgensen. "People are trying to create a story" he added. Last week, the reports of  Anthem not meeting its fall of 2018 release date started to swirl, fuelled by unidentified sources at BioWare saying the fall window was never considered realistic. 

BioWare Bioware exosuit screencap from E3 trailer with robots and bait. Anthem - Ally of the week or AI of the week?

Anthem was originally announced  E3 2017 as a wholly new IP. As it's fitting, EA brought a flashy gameplay demo and showed the game's "freelancers" prancing around Anthem's world in their exosuits.

Since then, we got word that BioWare is working on . The new Dragon Age game is set to launch after Anthem has had a chance to make the rounds.

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