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EA's Anthem teaser trailer announces an announcement

Published: 18:02, 01 June 2018
Screenshot of the protagonist from Anthem's teaser trailer

EA have teased three seconds of Anthem's footage in anticipation of Anthem's E3 showing and in preparation for EA Play, a three day event where EA and Bioware are set to release a new trailer, show off gameplay and analyse combat systems.

As you can see, there's not much else, which is precisely what we've seen from Bioware these past couple of years. And yes, that includes Mass Effect: Andromeda. Jokes aside though, it'll be interesting to see how far along the Anthem team are.

EA Play takes place from 09-11 June 2018 at the Hollywood Palladium, with the stream kicking off at 11am PDT. In case you need help with time conversion, here's . The event is sort of a warm up for this year's E3 and the devs apparently have a few things in store for the Great Unwashed.

Bioware and EA promised a new, unseen trailer that will give further insight into the world of Anthem. The plan is for the trailer to give us a "glimpse into the story, characters and monsters".

The stream will also showcase more gameplay, to go with their E3 2017 appearance. The real gem here would probably be the showcasing of Anthem's combat systems, which EA and Bioware say will be "in-depth". Indeed, many users can't wait to see more of Javelins, the exosuits you'll be collecting and running in Anthem.

The show will feature Bioware general manager Casey Hudson, executive producer Mark Darrah and lead writer Cathleen Rootsaert, who'll be sharing their insights into "the guiding principles that have shaped the development of Anthem". Fans will get a chance to see some concept and production art from Anthem's design team as well.

BioWare Anthem logo overlaid across three freelancers in their exosuits Anthem

Despite initially being slated for launch in 2018, Anthem was delayed to early 2019 for the obvious risk of clashing with the release date of Battlefield V. EA insisted that this doesn't constitute a delay, since they merely moved Anthem to a , which is just the sort of sexual intercourse with our minds EA has been having for a while now.

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