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EA DICE published the wrong PC specifications for Battlefield V

Published: 12:43, 07 June 2018
A tank is moving through water with infantry around it in Battlefield V
Battlefield V

EA and EA DICE seem to be hell bent on getting as much negative publicity as possible before Battlefield V launch. This time around they posted wrong PC system requirements for Battlefield V and kept the real ones secret afterwards.

Battlefield V's false system requirements have been removed from Origin and EA's community manager Dan Mitre that the specs were posted as "placeholders". He also posted a similar statement on the official Battlefield V and asked the potential players and fans to stay tuned for more info.

One might question the integrity of Mitre's claims though, since Battlefield V's Origin now simply states "Coming soon" under the "System requirements" section. This could have literally been done from the start, but instead, they put wrong information there for some reason.

The originally posted faulty information bore an odd resemblance to the system requirements of . This seemed a little weird considering the two year span between the two titles and the expected technological advancements taking place in that time.

It may be noteworthy that graphics such as the ones in Battlefield V's trailer above shouldn't be expected in the final product, as it features several tells of a pre-rendered trailer. For example you can see the apparent player shooting the machinegun with one hand, While inaccuracies are abundant in the trailer, it's hard to believe shooting a 12 kg machinegun one handed would make it into the game. It's likely there just for cinematic purposes, like much of the trailer.

Meanwhile, EA Play is starting in two days, on 09 June 2018 and it will have stations where players will be able to try the game out for themselves. Potential footage might come in just before E3, when we will have more definitive information on graphics and possibly system requirements.

EA One of the characters from EA and DICE's game Battlefield V Battlefield V

The demo may also offer more insight into the game's controversial cosmetics and character customisation as well as the building aspect that is being added to the series.

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