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EA and DICE tease Battlefield V snow and desert maps

Published: 21:20, 28 May 2018
Snow and desert concept art for EA and DICE's game Battlefield V
Battlefield V

EA and DICE have taken to twitter to tease Battlefield V's map environments but their delivery is peculiar, for lack of a better word. "You might think you've seen World War 2, but there are more battlefields than you might know." Sigh.

The new instalment to the Battlefield franchise will be visiting Norway and Africa, which in the simplest of terms means snow and desert maps. The third one seems like a grassland of sorts and I desperately want to say Netherlands for some reason. That's just a wild guess though, it's not based on anything factual. Besides, there are no tulips, right?

Note however that this is still just concept art, so it's probably wise not to expect verbatim likenesses to the final versions. Concept art is mainly used for finding the general feel before honing in on details. Having said that though, the desert map does look interesting. 

What I've found particularly funny though is how DICE and EA worded the tweet. For starters, I'm certain I didn't see World War II. I did however pay attention in school, if only occasionally, and it still seems to have done more for my knowledge of history than their research teams did for Battlefield V.

Norway may not have been the most famous of battlefields in World War 2, so you'd forgive EA for suggesting it's unknown. Germany's African WWII campaign, on the other hand, is already stuff of legends and I fail to see how anyone would think this is a lesser known battle front. Erwin Rommel got his Desert Fox nickname there, so there's that.

From from EA and DICE so far, an actual well known WWI historical location would be the island of Amazons that defended everyone from peril. Unfortunately, I think DC Comics already snapped that one up with Wonder Woman, which in my personal opinion sucks equally as much as Battlefield V's historical grounding.

EA Grassland concept art for EA and DICE's game Battlefield V Battlefield V

Anyhow, we're sure we haven't heard the last of Battlefield V's SJW escapades, so if mangling of history is your thing, you may want to stay tuned. The Battlefield V tweet in question can be found .

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