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EA and DICE reveal Battlefield V minimum specs and size

Published: 07:41, 29 May 2018
One of the characters from EA and DICE's game Battlefield V
Battlefield V

EA and DICE have revealed the minimum specs required to run their upcoming SJW simulator Battlefield V and it turns out that if your rig was good enough for Battlefield 1, it will be enough to run the new instalment in the franchise.

So, EA's accurate historical representation of the horrors that android women have endured in SJWW II requires 64 bit versions of Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 to run, so no Win 10 exclusive deals or anything of the sort.

As for the CPU side of things, you'll be needing at least an AMD FX-6350 or Intel's Core i5 6600K. We're talking about five and three year old processors here, in that order.

Battlefield V will require at least AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB or Nvidia's Geforce GTX 660 2GB graphics cards as well as 8GB of RAM. File size is set at 50GB. 

If EA and DICE are to be believed, Battlefield V devs will find themselves on "the right side of history", although we fail to see how fictionalization based on makes them defenders of women's rights.

As far as I know, and correct me if I'm wrong here but very few, if any, android women took part in WW II. I mean, what's next for Battlefield, Stalin making murderous ape-men? Probably not, because that actually happened.

As you probably already know, Battlefield V is on track for 19 October 2018 release with an early trial available earlier that month. if you pre-order the Deluxe Edition, you can play it three days before its official launch. The standard edition also comes with a few perks available in the Deluxe Edition but only if you pre-order.

EA DICE Battlefield V is bringing unprecedented historical accuracy to educate the masses Battlefield V - Count meme

Battlefield's Premium Pass is also going the way of the dodo, which thankfully and finally seems to be the way the entire industry is headed. If you own the full game, you'll get access to everything along the way, which is where the competing Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is headed too. I guess we have Epic Games and Fortnite to thank for that.

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