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Dual Pistols and Playground LTM arrive with new Fortnite update

Published: 11:55, 27 June 2018
Epic Games
Fortnite is bringing new time limited mode in the 4.5 update called Playground
Fortnite - Playground LTM

Epic Games have rolled out a major update for their relentless money maker that is Fortnite. The update added new content for Save the World as well, but Battle Royale is in the spotlight, with the new Playground LTM and new Dual Pistols.

Fortnite's long awaited limited time mode has arrived with the update 4.5. This will be essentially a mode that doesn't herd players into the fight as quickly as the regular matches and gives them more chests and llamas than they can imagine. It's perfect for looting high end weapons in order to learn their quirks as well as getting creative with the construction system.

The update also brings some more effects, as all explosions from the Grenade Launcher will now emit firework effects for a limited time. This is apparently Epic's way of celebrating summer. It doesn't end with just explosions though, as the update brought Dual Pistols as well. They are highly inaccurate but they deal massive damage which is 43 per shot. This may not sound like much, but remember that they shoot two projectiles each time you tap the fire button.

Therefore, the Double Pistols can deal up to 86 damage per shot to the body and almost instantly kill an enemy with full health and shield if you score headshot with both hits. With all of that in mind, it is more than obvious Double Pistols are meant for close range combat and will likely pose a proper contender for best close range weapon, a position which has been dominated by shotguns for a long while now.

Update 4.5 also brings more clarity to the game as the visibility of map markers is now much better. Full update notes with a picture demonstrating the map markers can be seen on .

Epic Games Picture of the new Dual Pistols that are coming with 4.5 update in Fortnite Fortnite - Dual Pistols

Meanwhile, Epic announced the end of Season 4 on Reddit, which is rather close now. Season 5 will start on 12 July 2018, as it was pushed back two days in order to let players catch up with their Battle Pass and unlock as many rewards as possible. To that end, Epic Games are also rolling out a .

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