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Dragon Age Origins was almost canibalised by its multiplayer

Published: 22:42, 17 August 2021
Dragon Age Inquisition

Reminiscing over older games sometimes reveals interesting information and a recent interview revealed Dragon Age Origins could've ended up entirely different.

BioWare rose to stardom over the course of many years but their peak was probably around the time Dragon Age : Origins was released and they were gearing up to release Mass Effect 2. It was the medieval-ish fantasy game that saw countless praises but what the fans never knew until recently is that the game could have invested less in the storytelling and provide a multiplayer component instead.

According to former BioWare folks who spoke with The Gamer , multiplayer in Dragon Age Origins was meant to begin as soon as the players would go through their origin story.

However, the engine was not up to the task and the resources were being sucked dry, leaving many team members with the conclusion that multiplayer was a bad idea. Cutting this component was a huge relief for the team in the end since they got resources they could put towards storytelling and probably more.

Even though DA:O was ambitious for its time, the creative minds behind it initially wanted to do more and even had to cut some origin storylines, meaning that the six backgrounds, seven if you count the Orlesian Warden in Awakening, we had were not all the content that was planned. 

Considering how the first game in the series turned out, the shot-calling was spot on, to say the least. Even though more background stories sounds more than interesting, it's not like we had a deficiency anyway. 

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