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Dragon Age 4 to see Antivan Crows' return

Published: 18:26, 06 July 2021
Dragon Age: Origins - Zevran, a prominent member of Antivan Crows
Dragon Age: Origins - Zevran, a prominent member of Antivan Crows

Antivan Crows are ever-present in Dragon Age games and it looks like the fourth instalment will be no different.

Christian Dailey, the executive producer of Dragon Age games, posted a peculiar teaser recently. The image on his tweet was hinting at something in Dragon Age 4 and there were numerous clues that this something is the most well-known assassin guild in all of Thedas - the Antivan Crows.

This particular faction was present in Dragon Age games from the very beginning. After all, it was their attempt on the Grey Warden's life that introduced the players to a charming but morally ambiguous Zevran Arainai. Their presence continued in a significant yet subtle way throughout Awakening and the sequels as the Crows managed to pull some major stunts like stealing a legendary blade, kill or attempt to kill a few heads of state etcetera.

Dailey's teaser for Dragon Age 4 is currently a delight for the fans as Crows' inherent mystery vibe lends to the betterment of the atmosphere of whatever game they pop up in. However, the concept art from the tweet has them wearing outfits that all about scream their involvement with the faction, which obviously destroys subtlety.

Let's hope we will get to see more of their ability to blend in and do things on the down-low, instead of parading through Tevinter in a literal crow outfit.

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