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Dragon Age 4 reveal teased by Bioware executive producer

Published: 11:52, 28 November 2019
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Mark Darrah, the executive producer at Bioware has teased Dragon Age 4 reveal in a series of tweets with cryptic statements about all sorts of things that will appear in the next Dragon Age title.

Dragon Age 4 is still in early pre-production according to some previous reports but it looks like the reveal is closer than ever. As you may recall, Bioware teased the reveal earlier this month when they invited the fans to join the community's party on 04 December 2019 to celebrate 10 years of Dragon Age.

"Today marks 10 years of Dragon Age! This year we’re excited to join the community’s party on December 4th and celebrate a decade together in the world we all love. See you on 12/4 for Dragon 4ge Day!," it's written in the announcement.

Obviously that last part is very intriguing and judging by the latest series of tweets from Bioware executive producer Mark Darrah, there is something really exciting coming our way. 

Darrah started a blizzard of speculations with a simple "Dragon Age" tweet, which was followed by several other teases and one of them could potentially be a screenshot from the actual game.

He also made Bioware's marketing partner pretty angry with his tweets, which is somewhat expected since Dragon Age 4 is such an anticipated title. Furthermore, Darrah took the opportunity to slip in a tiny Mass Effect tease but at this point, it's really becoming hard to guess what exactly is he referring to.

Anway, exactly one week from today, we should probably get some brand new information about Dragon Age 4. Whether that's just a tease, followed by the proper reveal at The Games Awards 2019 it remains to be seen but one thing is quite clear - Dragon Age 4 development is in full speed and it shouldn't take long before we get the first trailer.

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