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Doom Eternal will get mech ogres and dragons, director confirms

Published: 10:03, 31 August 2020
id Software
Fighting new and classic enemies in DOOM Eternal.
Chuck a grenade in this ones mouth and... he won't be happy.

There's a lot of excitement in the air over Doom Eternal's upcoming DLC The Ancient Gods, but that's nowhere near the end of the line for id Software's latest instalment.

One of the fans over at Reddit rehashed some of the Doom Eternal concept art that shows the Slayer overlooking a huge battlefield. 

Among the soldiers, you can clearly see a few walking hills sporting battle armour, and these have been identified as mech ogres. Looking above them is pretty unambiguous proof s well - the silhouettes of dragons are clearly visible flying around. 

Anyway, a fan asked where all the Doom Eternal dragons and mechs went, saying he hopes something similar is added to the current of future DLCs. And Doom Eternal's director Hugo Martin, the sport that he is, replied with a simple, "You will". 

While this is no confirmation that The Ancient Gods is bringing orcs or dragons into the fray - it certainly looks like it isn't - it is confirmation that Doom Eternal's new DLC is certainly not the end of id Software's work on DLC. 

As for the current one, The Ancient Gods won't be making you buff up once again because the dev made sure he's all specced out for the new type of challenge. Players will get to prioritise other weapons and there is no shortage of impressive moments, id promised. 

Bethesda Softworks Doom Eternal concept art Doom Eternal, where are zee ogres and dragons Martinski?

Interestingly enough, Martin and Co wanted to make The Ancient Gods as accessible as possible which is why you can pick up the DLC and play it, without actually owning the base game. 

You can find the Reddit post and Martin's response over here .

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