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Doom Eternal dev admits to crunching pretty hard in the last year

Published: 18:41, 21 January 2020
id Software
Key art from Doom Eternal, showing various enemy types and the Doom Slayer.
A day in the life of the Doom Slayer. Sorry Buffy.

With the release date for Doom Eternal drawing closer, Bethesda and id Software are trickling more and more information about the highly-anticipated demon-slaying instalment in the iconic franchise. However, not all of it is that great it seems.

After all, we've been slobbering over every bit of Doom Eternal content ever since , which really blew us away with the hectic and brutal gameplay on display. To make matter even better, each successive showing looked more impressive, but all this apparently came at a cost. 

Speaking to VG247, Doom Eternal's executive producer Marty Stratton said that the id Software team was crunching "pretty hard" for most of 2019, albeit they mitigated the effects thereof by introducing shifts so to speak. 

"We’ll have one group of people crunching so the next group of people are teed up properly. As they get done, they may need to crunch a little bit", he said. 

He added that Doom Eternal was already done at the time they , but the added time allowed them to add a lot of polish and fix any bugs that reared their ugly head. In fact, he reiterated that it's the , which wouldn't have been possible had they not had the extra time. 

"It allowed us to do a lot of polishing, hardening of the back-end systems and we do testing throughout where we bring in people externally. We did a couple of additional versions of those and made a couple of additions to the game, just balance-type things and patching up a couple of exploits.

Xous54/Bethesda artwok showing doomguy and doom eternal hud Design your HUD the way you want it!

If you want to learn more, you can check out our , or check out the id Software revealed. You can find Stratton's interview .

Doom Eternal, id Software and Bethesda's monument to brutality

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