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Doom Eternal soundtrack used a heavy metal choir, and it worked

Published: 20:01, 06 March 2020
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Doom Eternal

After what was a genuine scare recently, where a Doom Eternal trailer featured the sort of audio that was more suited to NBA games than a Doom instalment, the game's Twitter profile posted a glorious behind the scenes feature for the actual soundtrack.

Thankfully, it didn't take Doom Eternal fans long to replace the trailer's music with Mick Gordon's stuff, which sort of brought it back in line with the unwritten expectations from a Doom instalment. 

Don't get us wrong - this is not a thing of musical prefence. It's more of a musical vocabulary thing, as Doom traditionally requires the sort of music that amps one up - not the sort that makes you sit back and chill. Heck, insanely paced action with equally as frantic music is the Doom norm.

Back to the behind the scenes - we can't say the term heavy metal choir is a concept we're familiar with, but that's exactly what Doom Eternal's audio team did. They brought in a wide variety of metal singers, having them work together to craft something epic, although legendary probably fits the bill much better.

To better fit the Doom Eternal lore, they even had to chant on an imaginary language, but thankfully - it sounds as frightening as any real one you could think of. Interestingly enough, the choir had an equal male and female split, culminating into a really powerful punch for the game itself. 

It's quite interesting hearing about the singers' enthusiasm for the franchise, some of them for having played some or all the instalments. After all, we're talking about a rich historical legacy here, which means taking part in the project is a huge reputation boost as well. 

At least we needn't worry about id Software's trailer experiments anymore though - Doom Eternal remains as Doomy as Doom can get. 

Doom Eternal, id Software and Bethesda's monument to brutality

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