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Doom Eternal Switch release date revealed

Published: 15:51, 30 November 2020
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Fighting new and classic enemies in DOOM Eternal.
Chuck a grenade in this ones mouth and... he won't be happy.

Brutal shooter Doom Eternal is officially launching on Nintendo Switch next month - December 8, 2020, Nintendo and Bethesda announced with a brand new trailer.

After many rumours regarding Doom Eternal's Nintendo Switch port, today we got an official confirmation that the game is indeed coming to the hybrid console. Switch fans will be happy to hear that Doomslayer arrives on December 8, 2020, just in time for Holidays. 

Sadly, as previously revealed, Doom Eternal will not have a physical release on Nintendo Switch. The launch is digital-only and you will be able to purchase the game directly from the Nintendo Switch eShop, or via direct digital codes from select retailers.

Those who pre-ordered the physical version of the game before the cancellation should contact their retailers for instructions, Bethesda explained. 

The file size is around 18.8 GB but Bethesda say this is yet to be determined so it could be lower but it could also be a bit higher. Additionally, Nintendo Switch owners will be happy to hear that the game will have Battlemode multiplayer, which is a 2 vs 1 experience where two player-controlled demons take on one player-controlled Doomslayer. 

Doom Eternal on Switch will not launch with The Ancient Gods: Part One expansion, which will arrive at a later date. Bethesda promise to share more details as soon as they can. 

For more info on Doom Eternal Switch port, check out the official FAQ and Known Issues page on Bethesda's website.

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