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Doom Eternal is coming to Game Pass for PC

Published: 16:27, 01 December 2020
id Software
Key art from Doom Eternal, showing various enemy types and the Doom Slayer.
A day in the life of the Doom Slayer. Sorry Buffy.

One month after the initial introduction on Game Pass, id Software's brutal shooter is now coming to Game Pass for PC on December 3, 2020, Xbox officially announced.

One of the best shooters of 2020, Doom Eternal was added to Xbox Game Pass earlier this year but sadly, PC players did not get a chance to try out the game, since it was only available for Android (xCloud) and consoles.

As you may know, this is usually the case with big releases - Xbox console owners get the best offer when it comes to Game Pass - but of course, this does not mean PC players also don't have great library of titles.

Anyway, if you have Game Pass on PC you'll be happy to hear that Doomslayer will soon arrive, and sooner than you may think. The game will be added to Game Pass for PC library on Thursday, December 3, 2020.

id Software The Doom Slayer shooting multiple demons in Doom Eternal's single player campaign One Direction's new look is proving divisive...

"In October, we were ecstatic to bring Doom Eternal to Xbox Game Pass and see a new wave of Slayers join the war to save humanity from demonic invasion. Now, we’re pleased to announce that Doom Eternal will be joining Xbox Game Pass for PC on December 3, offering members the chance to play Doom Eternal’s award-winning campaign, challenge friends in BattleMode and of course, take on the Classic Mode gauntlet in the Super Gore Nest Master Level,"  Xbox wrote in their blog post.

Game Pass will, of course, introduce more games in the upcoming weeks but these are yet to be revealed by Xbox. Latest tease from the publisher suggests that Control will be one of these big new additions.

Doom Eternal, id Software and Bethesda's monument to brutality

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
DOOM Eternal

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