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Dolphin Barn's Domina is on sale

Published: 10:25, 05 December 2017

You can get Domina off of Steam at a 50 per cent discount for a short while. This is one of those rare instances where Telxvi will tell you go and get it, yes - it's really that good.

There is a simple way of figuring out whether Domina is a game you might enjoy - a glance at the trailers or screenshots should help you make your mind up quite fast. In case you are still on the fence, we published a review for it . It was a brilliant indie release back then, and only got better in the meantime.

DolphinBarn Domina - They lift, all of them Domina - They lift, all of them

Some bugs have been fixed, the UI has been improved, chariot races have been added, and the main man behind the project and bignic is still breaking keyboards in the attempt to fine tune the game's balance. This was one of our if not the only major complaint levelled against Domina in our . The game's balance and difficulty curve are either brutal towards the player or incredibly easy to break, depending on what it is you are doing with your gladiators, without too generous a middle ground.

It doesn't look like patches and updates will be ceasing anytime soon, so you can rest assured that there is someone constantly upgrading and tuning the game should you decide to put the necessary £4,50 on the table. Domina is currently with Steam and usually costs twice that much, so if you were thinking about cracking the whip on some poor slave's back - there is no time like the present. There were about 30 hours left on the sale ticker at the time of writing, so you have ample opportunity to over your purchasing decision. As always, your money - do with it whatever you damn well please.

DolphinBarn Domina Domina

Also, here is AltChar's top candidate for Soundtrack of the Year.

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