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Over 10.000 players embark on Elite: Dangerous Distant Worlds 2

Published: 13:38, 16 January 2019
Picture of some space in Elite: Dangerous
Elite: Dangerous

Over 10.000 players have come together for a group expedition in Elite: Dangerous. The expedition is dubbed Distant Worlds 2 and it has been successful thus far, for the most part. Some unlucky pilots met their end at a hostile planet.

Distant Worlds 2 is the biggest group expedition to date in Elite: Dangerous, and the CEO of Frontier Developments that over 10.000 players came together as they soared through Pallaeni system together. It took a while to organise the expedition since the first one took place back in 2016, but no effort was spared as the expedition even has its own theme song.

You can see the countdown to launch , and if you liked the song in the background, you can on Soundcloud. While the expedition kicked off well, for the most part, some hiccups couldn't be avoided. For example, getting 10.000 players together caused server instability and issues with game mechanics. Due to the obscene amount of players, the game spawned massive numbers of hostile NPC ships, which then caused their own invasion of sorts. 

Some communication mishaps and pure curiosity coincidences happened on top of that, with some players crashing due to the increased traffic. Others attempted to land on a planet dubbed The View. Normally, it wouldn't be an issue, but its gravity is 3.3 times higher than that on Earth, which caused some .

Those whose journey wasn't cut short will continue on the 18-week long expedition to the far end of Milky Way, with the finish line being Beagle Point which is 65.279 light years away from Earth. Players are hoping to make new discoveries, in part thanks to the new mining and scanning techniques Frontier Developments in November 2018.

Frontier Developments Screenshot from Elite Dangerous showing a Diamondback human vessel up against a massive flower shaped Thargoid ship in space. Elite Dangerous

if this space trailblazing piqued your interest, you can read the by the organiser, Erimus Kamzel, where he describes what the goals are and provides useful information for the pilots who embark on the perilous journey.

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