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Dirt 5 dev details online multiplayer and three party modes

Published: 08:02, 23 October 2020
Dirt 5 vehicles racing side by side
Dirt 5 by Codemasters

As we draw closer to launch, Codemasters decided to shed some light on Dirt 5's online multiplayer and party modes, with some particularly tasty objective-based event types.

Codemasters have unveiled most of the modes thus far but they kept the online multiplayer and party modes close to their chest. Which is actually a pretty nice surprise, as you'll soon see for yourselves. 

"If you’re a fan of previous online modes in Dirt like Outbreak and Cat ‘n’ Mouse, or keen to see more fun and innovating racing modes, we’ve got you covered. We’ve drawn up a host of unique, purpose-built arenas for each mode, so get ready for a new way to Let Loose in these three objective-based event types", they wrote. 


Dirt 5's Vampire mode should be familiar to Dirt 3 players, but the name is enough of a hint - Vampire cars that touch regular ones turn them into Vampires too. So, if you're not a Vampire yet, better keep that pedal pressed and drive well until dawn comes, when you can make your escape. 


King shakes up Dirt 5's classic multiplayer - the player who has the crown must avoid contact, otherwise, they'll pass them the crown. Holding the crown earns points, and leaves some change for other players to pick up in the form of coins. Two crowns are placed in the arena, although they reset if a player keeps the crown for long. 


Last but not least is Transporter, another creative take on the classic multiplayer. Players will be tasked with capturing and transporting an object to a designated waypoint, while other players will be trying to stop them and complete the task themselves. Note that the longer you keep the object, the more points you score so if you think you're good enough - you know what to do. 

Codemasters DIRT 5 screenshot DIRT 5

"Want some more traditional racing alongside these party modes? No problem. Dirt 5’s Multiplayer also brings you an array of off-road racing action, both circuit-based and point-to-point, for you to tear up. We’ve taken some of the best scenarios and setups from single-player modes to create a huge playlist of events to compete in", Codemasters wrote.

They also reminded that Dirt 5's online play is cross-generational, meaning that PlayStation 4 and 5 players can burn rubber together with no obstacles. 

Dirt 5 rally simulation by Codemasters, vehicle classes

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Dirt 5, it doesn't get much more iconic than 90s Rally class

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