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Dirt 5 trailer shows off point-point racing through China

Published: 13:59, 02 October 2020
Dirt 5's Super Lite class
Dirt 5, Super Lites

With about a month left until the launch of Dirt 5, Codemasters' popular rally simulation, the dev rolled out a fresh new trailer dubbed Point-to-Point Racing Through China.

"Rally Raid is just one of our point-to-point event types in DIRT 5, combining split routes, different terrains and incredible landscapes for some awe-inspiring races. Here, you’re seeing a Rally Raid event in China, hurtling through paddy fields, iconic monuments and traditional villages to create an epic off-road route", the description reads. 

It's well worth saying that Dirt 5 looks better with each showing, and the dirt roads from the trailer look especially great. Which isn't to say the rest isn't, as the level looks gorgeous in all the sections.

"This Rally Raid event also shows off cars from DIRT 5’s Modern Rally class, including the Skoda Fabia R5 and the new Ford Fiesta R5 MKII! Trucks, buggies and many more vehicles can also participate in these events, with up to 12 vehicles on track", Codemasters wrote.

Codemasters recently revealed that cross-gen progression will only be available for those upgrading from Xbox One to Xbox Series X, whereas PlayStation 5 owners have to start over. Granted, Dirt 5 players' Plaground creations will transfer across generations, but cross-gen progression is exclusive to Xbox for now. 

On a lighter side of things, upgrading Dirt 5 to any of the next-gen console versions is a free affair, regardless of the team you're rooting for. 

Codemasters Dirt 5 cars on a dirt road Dirt 5, quite the view!

Developed and published by Codemasters, Dirt 5 launches on November 6, for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and on November 10 for Xbox Series X and S. Its PlayStation 5 version launches in the fourth quarter, while Stadia users have to wait for 2021.

Dirt 5 rally simulation by Codemasters, vehicle classes

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Dirt 5, it doesn't get much more iconic than 90s Rally class

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