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Digital Extremes present Warframe's Empyrean update in detail

Published: 09:20, 08 July 2019
Digital Extremes
Warframe character, a view from inside the Railjack
Warframe, Empyrean - What a view, eh?

Digital Extremes wanted to shake up the admittedly stale cadence of annual TennoCons producing open worlds regions, and this time around they wanted to elevate everything else, in a sense continuing the presentation from last year.

The first and most obvious improvements have to do with graphics, and the added level of graphics sheen is evident right from the get-go. The image you see above is a perfect example of the same-but-different kind of Warframe that's coming our way, and we're talking about real-time shadows, improved reflections, etc.

Empyrean's key feature is, of course, the Railjack, and it allows for a quad-Tenno setup that packs a mean punch however you put it. Note that Digital Extremes took it even further than what we've seen the last time, with extensive cosmetic and firepower capabilities. 

"Enlist a four-player crew to hijack, scavenge and sabotage across the Origin System. Contact ground teams for support, steal enemy ships, explore ancient ruins, assassinate kingpins and get rewarded for your missions into deep space", Digital Extremes wrote.

The Empyrean update brings an added layer of management when it comes to Railjacks, as Warframe players will have to take many things into account before setting off on their adventures. As you can see from the demo, you'll be facing equipment-disabling Void Storms, unexpected visitors keen on, as EA would say, surprise dispossession of your Railjack, Infested ambushes, etc.

Thankfully, the Tenno always stay connected, even when away from the Railjack, and Digital Extremes ensured that no matter how crazy the pilot gets, the turret handling Tenno won't get sick, i.e. their turret stations will retain a steady focus to wherever they're aiming at. 

During Warframe's Empyrean reveal, you can also see the new Warframes in action, and Digital Extremes said they're "the turbo-charged Gauss and the eternally insatiable Grendel", whereas the Wukong Prime frame from the video below is already live an all platforms.

Also coming with Warframe Empyrean are Kingpins, which are characters specific to players, arch-enemies if you will. Players' Warframe power actually creates them, and they can become quite powerful with time, but Digital Extremes will reveal more at a later date. 

Digital Extremes Gauss and Grendel, two upcoming Warframe characters Warframe, Gauss and Grendel

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