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DICE are defending Battlefield V female character inclusivity

Published: 10:25, 28 May 2018
Updated: 11:51, 24 September 2018
Female soldier is wielding two firearms in the heat of a World War 2 battle
Battlefield V

Oskar Gabrielson, GM at EA DICE, has tweeted out his opinion on the controversy surrounding the inclusion of female characters in Battlefield V. His stance is that Battlefield series should be inclusive, but it's somewhat contradictory.

Gabrielson has tweeted out that he wanted to address some of the controversy regarding the reveal trailer for Battlefield V. The first point he made is that the female playable characters in Battlefield V "are here to stay". 

According to Gabrielson, this decision was made because DICE are committed to making games that are "inclusive and diverse" and "pushing boundaries" while keeping in mind that their games "must be fun".

He also added that DICE want the game "to represent all those who were part of the greatest drama in human history and give players the choice to choose and customise the characters they play with". I'm not sure I can agree with calling World War 2 "the greatest drama", as dramas usually don't result in over 60 million deaths.

The tweet chain continued with Gabrielson claiming that "the Battlefield sandbox has always been about playing the way you want" implying that they were building building Battlefield series with player freedom taking priority over realism, citing three players on top of a galloping horse while using flamethrowers.

You can check the gif of this  on Gabrielson's Twitter account, but the moment you lay your eyes upon it, you can clearly see this "feature" was not meant to be in the game, but it's rather a glitch that players found, exploited and proceeded to laugh about because it looked so silly. This looks more like a PR nudge with the aim of turning a hilarious mishap into a successful marketing tool.

EA Two soldiers on an explosion site in EA's game Battlefield V Battlefield V

He has also announced that more details about the game will be revealed, and the EA's event will have stations that will provide attendees with hands-on gameplay. EA Play will happen E3 2018, from 9 to 11 June 2018.

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