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Devolver Digital ask Netflix to hire No Code for Stranger Things

Published: 18:36, 25 September 2018
Devolver Digital
An old television from the game Stories Untold
No Code, Stories Untold

As the news of Telltale Games' closure cast doubts over the Stranger Things game, Netflix announced that it's not cancelled - more like delayed. Devolver Digital quickly tweeted that they and Stories Untold dev No Code can start already.

Coincidentally or not, there seem to be peculiar visual similarities between the series Stranger Things and No Code's award winning text adventure Stories Untold, so this may actually be a pretty good match. Comparing No Code and Telltale isn't doing anyone justice but one thing they share in common - their pens make swords look like Swiss knives.

Moreover, No Code's text adventure Stories Untold relies on the artistic formula that made old horrors, now called thrillers or whatever, so deeply memorable. There are no cheap jump scares here - it sows the seeds of dread and relies on the player's imagination to nurture them until ripe.

You know, it's the same recipe that makes The Shining scary to this day. Well, to me at least. It's not scary because of what you see - it's scary because of what you don't. It is the player/reader who is the key ingredient in this formula, which is a talent that both of these developers seem to pack in abundance.

To make matters even classier, Devolver Digital wrote, "We’d love to have folks from #TelltaleJobs join in on this and continue their vision for what was planned". Even if nothing comes of it, it is a wonderful sign of support and appreciation for their industry peers that have to what can only be described as a legal scam.

While I cannot deny that Devolver's hands off approach and the Telltale-No Code combo would be one mean storytelling machine, it's probably a stretch at the moment. Think about it though - Telltale's reputation would improve No Code's chances at snatching up Netflix's prime IP, while the latter's enthusiasm might get the veterans' blood flowing again.

Devolver Digital Two VHS tapes from the game Stories Untold Stories Untold

Netflix are likely to be stewing over the decision for a bit longer though, taking the time to choose the right game developer instead of going for the first usual suspect. In that respect, No Code may actually stand a chance.

You can find Devolver's proposition tweet .

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