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Overwatch developer update video released

Published: 09:31, 08 February 2017
Overwatch: Capture the Flag

Jeff Kaplan, the game director for Overwatch released a video detailing the changes coming to the custom games

Overwatch is getting a server browser which will be listing all of the custom games available to play in each region (Americas, Asia, Europe). The browser will come equipped with filter options, so the map, heroes and other features of the custom game can be fine tuned to find the perfect one. A type-in box will also be present, so the players with their mind set on a particular game can easily find it. Players participating in the custom games will now earn xp points and loot boxes.

Here to stay is a game mode from the recent Year of the Rooster festival. Capture the Flag game mode can now be enabled in the custom games, with the addition of nine new maps. The game mode options have been expanded to feature settings for the duration of the match, the number of flags in the match, flag pick-up time, and conditions regarding the flag - if a hero uses the immunity ability, the flag is dropped.

Overwatch: Capture the Flag Overwatch: Capture the Flag

These game settings options are not limited to Capture the Flag game mode, however, they're available in all of the custom games. The settings enable fine tuning of every option regarding the custom game, ranging from changing the payload speed in the payload maps, to the setting where heroes and their individual abilities can be turned on or off and cooldown time can be decreased of increased - think Widowmaker swinging around the place with her grappling hook set on the lowest cooldown time possible. There is a lot of room left for the players to make the game they want to play, and the developers will be keeping an eye on the most popular custom games and look to add the best received ones to the game officially. These new features will be landing in the PTR soon.

Overwatch Overwatch

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