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Bungie have rolled out a roadmap for Destiny 2, Warmind expansion announced

Published: 16:10, 12 April 2018
Arcstrider fighting two enemies in Destiny 2
Destiny 2

Bungie and Activision have updated their original roadmap for Destiny 2, and this time they have laid out their plans for the game up to September 2018. This includes an expansion pack called Warmind that will be coming on 8 May 2018.

Destiny 2's updated roadmap doesn't share much info on Warmind, other than that it "send you to new places to meet new heroes and battle new enemies". Who would have guessed an expansion would do that? Anyway, the cryptic nature of the expansion announcement is because more info will be reserved for Bungie's reveal stream on 24 April 2018, taking place on .

When 8 May 2018 hits, it will also mean the start of Season 3 for Destiny 2 and it will bring more major changes. For example, players will no longer be locked out of content they already paid for when new expansions land. Therefore, playlists like Quickplay, Competitive, Trials of the Nine and Iron banner will be playable on all available maps even if you don't own the expansions. On top of that, Warmind and Curse of Osiris maps will also be available, regardless of whether you purchased them or not.

Bungie A giant cube that is apparently a super intelligent AI can be seen in some weird futuristic setting. Destiny 2 - Warmind

Season Four content was apparently a topic of a lot of talk in the community. This part of the roadmap refers to the quality of life improvements that will make it easier for players to manage their loadouts. There will also be a randomization revamp, in order to "bring back those exciting moments when you acquire the perfect weapon". 

These changes will include updates to weapon randomization, weapon slot changes, gear collections and and Records. This honestly sounded wonderful until Bungie and Activision tried to make it look like they're messiahs handing out food to the poor by the way they constructed this paragraph, seen on the screenshot below.

AltChar A screenshot from Bungie's roadmap for Destiny 2. Roadmap notes with a dash of PR talk. We are eternally grateful to the overlords for this free RNG update.

Since the update is not a part of an expansion or any other form of DLC, shouldn't it be a given that everyone receives it? Should the players be praising Bungie and Activision because they don't have to pay more money so they can receive an updated RNG system?

Anyway, moving on to the Raid Prestige change info, which is not available yet but it is set to make an appearance on the next roadmap, while mod changes will be incorporated into the weapon randomization update. The new roadmap can be found in its full PR glory on Bungie's  .

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