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Destiny 2's The Last Word ornaments increase the gun's recoil

Published: 10:27, 08 May 2021
Picture of The Last Word handcannon in Destiny 2
Destiny 2 - The Last Word

Bungie seem to have done an oopsie with The Last Word as the popular Exotic behaves differently when you apply ornaments, which are meant to be cosmetic changes only.

Destiny 2 keeps getting weird issues but when they are weapon-related, Telesto is usually the culprit. This time around, however, it's The Last Word, the sniper's favourite companion.

This Hand Cannon is meant to be used at close range but the players noticed that its performance is inconsistent, besides the randomness of hip-firing any weapon in the game.

One astute user recently posted his findings , showing that The Last Word gets more recoil if you apply an ornament to it. This was the case with both Laconic and Heated Exchange as you can see on the video provided with the tweet.

The player was moving a lot during the testing but the ranges are roughly the same with all three tests so the difference in recoil is not user-based. Just as a precaution, we also tested the issue on our own, without moving and the results are the same - ornamented The Last Word has more recoil, especially visible when you're just holding down the fire button.

One response also alleges that the Heated Exchange ornament extends the range of the weapon by 1.5m, which would be a significant advantage to the user, due to The Last Word's extremely limited bounds of full damage.

Destiny 2

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We didn't test that theory but the fact is that ornaments should never alter a gun's behaviour - they are supposed to be cosmetic only. This way, ornaments can become pay-to-win or in TLW's case, pay-to-lose.

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