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Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2021 ornaments and other cosmetics datamined

Published: 20:31, 17 March 2021
Destiny 2 - Guardian Games armour ornaments
Destiny 2 - Guardian Games armour ornaments

Destiny 2 is preparing for another round of Guardian Games but the cosmetics we can obtain during the event have already leaked, including the armour ornaments.

Guardian Games 2020 was anything but a success in Destiny 2 since pretty much no one enjoyed the event. One of the reasons was that the event simply revolved around farming bounties relentlessly, which quickly turned boring, and it remains to be seen if Bungie will manage to overhaul it this year to make people actually participate.

Most of the incentives are cosmetic in nature and it appears that there won't be a new Exotic weapon tied to the event in 2021. Most of the info is available now, thanks to data miners.

You can see the armour ornaments on the images above while other rewards will include new Ghost Shells and a new catalyst. The catalyst will be applied to Heir Apparent, the heavy machinegun from Guardian Games 2020, which quite a few Guardians didn't get due to the event not being gripping enough to keep them grinding for the weapon.

It's possible that Heir Apparent will become available in the 2021 edition of Guardian Games but Bungie didn't officially confirm anything yet. Then again, we are roughly one day away from the next TWAB, which is probably going to unload all the info about the event we can hope for.

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