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Desperados 3's newest DLC is out now

Published: 02:12, 07 October 2020
Mimimi Games
Desperados 3
Desperados 3

Mimimi Games and THQ Nordic released a DLC for Desperados 3 that features a name that is probably harder to remember than its content is to beat and that says something.

Desperados 3: Money for the Vultures - Part 2: Five Steps Ahead is now out. That is the first and last time we will write the full name of the DLC, for the sake of everyone's sanity. It shall be simply referred to as DLC from now on.

Just like the long name suggests, it is the second part of Money for the Vultures where Cooper's gang returns to Louisiana in order to go up against a new member of the DeVitt family. 

A new location, named Bayou State, will be the place where the content will play out. Players will meet with Isabelle once again as they will rely on her Voodoo skills to beat their adversary. 

Those looking for more adventures can get the DLC for $4.99 / €4.99 while the Season Pass holders will get the DLC at no extra charge.

Some fans don't appear to be happy with the fact that this is essentially a new map that costs that much money but it remains to be seen what the actual user reviews will look like as the DLC is still fresh off the shelf.

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