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Defiance sequel is in the works and should be out soon

Published: 16:12, 02 March 2018
Trion Worlds
Poster for Defiance 2050 showing a heavily armoured volge trooper.
Defiance 2050

Sequel to the 2013's Defiance is dubbed Defiance 2050 and is coming later this year. Trion Worlds have decided to go free-to-play from day one this time around, unlike the original game that was full price on release.

Back in 2013 the concept of a simultaneous video game and TV series was supposed to be a revolutionary move for Defiance but as many expected - it really wasn't. Both the series and the game only had background narrative to tie them in and both were met with a mixed reception. The series managed to stay up for three seasons but the game was spiralling a lot faster, soon becoming a free to play title.

Converting to free to play refreshed the player base a bit and prolonged the game's life which could be the reason why Trion Worlds are giving the title another shot. The trailer for Defiance 2050 seems to be putting a lot of emphasis on squads and loot. This sounds a lot like the Destiny 2 announcement trailer, except there is no Nathan Fillion to make it funny.

Trion Worlds Promotional picture for Defiance 2050 showing characters in different outfit variations. Defiance 2050 - tell me the middle guy doesn't look like Cayde 6

Another feature that Defiance 2050 promises are massive co-operative battles as well as dynamic open world. When combined, these two make up the world events that were present in the original Defiance in the form of Ark falls. On top of it, Trion Worlds noted there will be a ''huge'' weapon selection which pretty much means it's going to be a looter shooter.

It basically sounds like Destiny 2 with open world large scale events. The original game's servers are still live but it remains to be seen if they will stay that way after Defiance 2050 launches this summer. Closed beta will happen before that and sign ups are already available at the game's .

Trion Worlds Screenshot from Defiance showcasing the game's graphics with a soldier in heavy black armour and a VTOL in the background. Defiance 2050 - Visuals look good, but it remains to be seen how optimized the game is.

Considering the first game had a rocky start with bad optimisation, it will be interesting to see if that's changed, especially because the new game looks much better graphics-wise.

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