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Death Stranding Director's Cut gets release window for PC

Published: 05:21, 06 January 2022
death stranding screenshot showing norman reedus holding a baby
Death Stranding

Kojima's post-apocalyptic delivery simulator has already released on PC but Death Stranding is now getting the upgraded release, although some details are still vague.

Death Stranding Director's Cut is bringing along a few upgrades for the existing experience, and the release window has been set for the spring of 2022. One detail that might be interesting to people with extensive Steam libraries is that this version will launch simultaneously on both Steam and EGS.

DC will arrive with some pretty awesome features such as Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) graphics technology that is basically an alternative to Nvidia's DLSS. In other words, using this feature should yield better performance even if you're using AMD GPUs without sacrificing graphics too much.

While those details are pretty great to know already, there is one bit of information the fans are not privy to, yet. 505 didn't announce the pricing or potential upgrade paths for existing owners and given the controversy regarding Control Ultimate Edition on consoles, it's safe to assume many players are anxious to hear more.

The publishers didn't announce this info yet but they did note these details would be revealed at some point during January 2022 . Whatever the case turns out to be, the existing owners will be informed at least a few months ahead of release.

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